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Bad Movie Madness … yes, it is truly a disease


It’s our bad movie night again tonight. Not sure if we’ll go for Reb Brown in “Yor Hunter from the Future” or “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator” or “Killer Tongue.”

Yes, it definitely is a sickness.

We have a site on Facebook to show our adventures into madness.


Tonight’s gonna hurt …



It’s not just the number you aim for in Blackjack. Apparently, it’s also the number of bats partying in my attic. We went bat watching tonight with the kids and watched them fly out.

21 … I’m running out of neat vampire names for them. Many more and they’ll end up with names like Cletus and Bubba.

Lott’s Mountain on Face Book


Just another reminder that the novel now has a facebook page.  I’m trying to make it to 150 likes!  Support your struggling, slightly crazy independent author.  Just swing on by and hit like!


Lott’s Mountain


Also, check out the trailer on youtube:

Lott’s Mountain Trailer

I need your help.  Let’s see if we can make it to 225 on the trailer views!  Feel free to share and spread the word!

I am Bat-Man, sort of


The kids are thrilled about the bats in our attic.  I’ve named them Lucy, Dracul, Mina … well, and a few others from the “Lost Boys”–David, Paul, Dwayne, Marco …

My husband is very much not thrilled about our visitors in the attic.

Me? … I think it’s interesting.  I guess now I’m Batman with my batcave in the attic.  However, the nipples on the bat-suit would DEFINITELY have to go.

Weird Hobbies


Some people juggle geese …

I’m in a B-movie war with one of my friends.  We each select a movie for the other and try our best to get through the film.  Tonight’s the night.

For me, he chose “For Your Height Only” (yeah, that one’s gonna hurt) and for him, I chose “Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong”.  I don’t know … but I think I’m gonna win.



Why do I do this to myself?


B-movies happen to be a hobby of mine.  Lately, I watched “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter” with some friends.  It was really a slice of something.  And it’s a musical.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

I think for me, it’s “Barn of the Blood Llama”.  Anyone has something else out there truly mind-melting?