Why do I do this to myself?


B-movies happen to be a hobby of mine.  Lately, I watched “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter” with some friends.  It was really a slice of something.  And it’s a musical.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

I think for me, it’s “Barn of the Blood Llama”.  Anyone has something else out there truly mind-melting?



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  1. Oh, I’ve seen so many. I used to work on editorial prep for release to DVD and I saw ones that will never hit the shelves, like an atrocious film version of the play “White Whore and the Bit Player”.

    I guess the most fun “worst” one you could actually find was a western-monster mashup from 1958 known as either “Teenage Monster” or “Meteor Monster”. A ranch kid gets radiated by a meteor and grows up to be a deformed, mentally-deficient “teenaged” killer (played by a 50 year-old) hidden away from the townsfolk by his insane mommy. Hilariously creepy, it’s shot on real sets and looks as good as any TV western of the time, but with an abominable script and overly earnest performances.

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