You said you were dyeing your hair black,
But you really didn’t tell me–
Your eyes darted from the wet asphalt,
To the rear view mirror,
As you talked to the people in the back seat,
Who were not listening,
But were laughing,
At us.

And you didn’t look at me,
As if I wouldn’t be next to you
Until your eyes created me,
But I was there,
And I was listening,
When you swerved to dodge
A rabbit
Frozen in front of your tires.

I reached out to touch you as you stopped,
The car motor hummed,
Telling me it was time to go.
You shivered and I wrapped my arm around your shoulder,
Drawing you closer to me,
Holding you there with me,
While the others watched,
And listened.

Before I left,
I shook your hand with just enough
Warmth to lend to rumors,
And you held on just a little longer than you should have.
While I walked away,
Your eyes ventured from the rearview mirror,
Past the people in the back seat,
To me.

And you kept watching me,
Making certain that I was still on the road,
Walking away from you,
And that the sun
Hadn’t fallen out of the sky,
Though the moon had already drifted
Too far away to notice.


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