I’d like to upload a version where the poem is a series of letters clipped from a magazine, but for now:


dId yOu GeT my NotES?
i knOW wHIch wiNDow doESn’T lOCk.

You cAN’T see me.
But I’M waiting.
Tonight is about MOre tHAn WaitinG.

i wANt yOu
to bE my PreTtY roSE
HanGiNG frOm my WaLL
sO I cAN kEEp yOu
And CouNt your breAtHs
AnD fill your hEAd witH
MY voiCes–

aRe yoU thINKing about ME?
I’M thINkinG abOUt yoU.
i aLWayS Do.

I hAVe thE ROSeS HE sENT you,
AnD i prY anD pLUck AnD CounT–
oNe pEtaL saYS “i LOvE YoU.”
TwO: “yOu are mInE, NOT hiS.”
ThrEE:”i’ll MaKE yoU SO speciAL.”

YoU stILL cAN’t SEE me?

yEs, tHAt niGHtshiRT is MY favorite,
It’S liKE yoU cAN rEAd my MIND.

aND tHen yoU TurN oUt the lIghT.
You WaNT thiS aS MUch as I do.
I caN TeLL.

yoU aRE MY preTtY liTTle rose.
WhEn I looK at YoU, I knoW i’LL never bE alOnE.
AnD after tonight, neitHer wiLL yOu.


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