This movie is definitely a recipe for therapy.


Things we learned: !) Watching some movies feels a whole lot like being run over by a car. 2) We’ll never look at a broomstick the same again. EVER. 3) Feminists worship the devil in Spain. 4) “Jesus Christ, Spongebob, Minnie Mouse and G.I. Joe rob a place” isn’t the setup to a joke. It’s the plot to a movie. 5) Toad juice is like Red Bull for witches. 6) I haven’t apologized this much for a movie since the “C.H.U.D.” incident.

Movie in a sentence or less: “I’m out of my comfort zone.”

Or a quote from Roy Batty from “Bladerunner” would work as well: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”


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