Growing up Southern


My father had a lot of Southernisms that he used with us while we were growing up.

“Even a blind hog’ll find an acorn every once in a while,” was one we heard a lot.  “I wouldn’t trust his word for good morning even if the sun were two hours high” was another one, or “he’s got more faces than a barley stalk.”

But my favorite is when he sat me down right after I had graduated high school.  I was getting ready to leave our little town and go to a college that was two hours away.   A lot of people in this situation–on the edge of college–usually get the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places you will go!” or get the speech of “You’re going to do wonderful things.”  Or even the overused “Go get ’em, tiger.”

Well, my father always has his own way of doing things.  And he’s taught me that being unique and honest are two very important things in life.  So he sat me down and looked me in the eye and said his classic idiom, “Well, you show ’em where the bear sh!t$ in the buckwheat!”

I love my dad.


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