We lost many part way through … well, they escaped. Next time, I’ll have to bolt the door shut.


And so we learned:
1. Pittsburgh has an Egypt-town.
2. That this movie had no bloodsucking (I don’t think the shop vac counted–don’t ask), no pharaohs, definitely no bloodsucking pharaohs, but one scene may have taken place in Pittsburgh. Maybe it should have been called “Absolutely no Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh”.
4. Wait, it gets better … STRIPPER NINJAS!
5. Evil licks
6. A girl dressed as “I dream of Genie” can actually kick @$$.
7. Thanks to the scene involving two women cat-fighting in a garbage crusher, while one is dressed as She-ra crossed with Xena and the other looks like she stepped off the set of “I dream of Genie”, this movie almost counted as “artsy”.
8. Anubis is a chain-smoker

MOVIE IN A SENTENCE: I need to take up a less hazardous hobby … like alligator wrestling.


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