Yet again we prove that there isn’t anything our b-movie group won’t watch. However, after this one, I think one of our members has been permanently traumatized. He was in a fetal position for most of it.


Things we learned:
1) Matching your eyeshadow to your lip hair is an important part of fashion   Things we learned:
2) Instead of rulers, the Vatican is now handing out machine guns to nuns
3)There is line-dancing in heaven (we always thought it would be in the “other” place
4) There is no end to nun puns … and “porn” mustaches
5) What’s a little good-natured blasphemy among friends?
6) Apparently Jesus moonlights as a lounge singer in his spare time
7) Stripper nun!

MOVIE IN A SENTENCE OR LESS:  It really is possible to insult every major religion in 100 minutes or less.


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