What we learned:
1. Science works differently in Canada.
2. One must learn how to properly grip their wood.
3. Always check the trunk for vampire lesbian wrestlers
4. Beware of Rasputins lingering in bushes (I believe there’s a spray for that)
5. Exactly how many atheists can fit in one jeep (about 30)
6. “It’s all good. It’s all right …”
7. So … if grafting skin from lesbians makes vampires immune to sunlight, what do you graft on to them to make them sparkle?
8. Addidas … the official shoe of walking on water.
9. When a blow-up doll is your stunt double, well, it just isn’t a good sign.

MOVIE IN A SENTENCE OR LESS: Who cares what the movie’s about … with a title like that, how can you NOT watch it?


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