Anybody else out there working on projects?  Leave a comment.  How are things going with it?


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  1. Yes, I have started serialized blogging for 2015. Every Monday and Friday I write posts that are part of a series. Mondays are about music, Fridays are about books.

  2. Just finishing up “A Destruction of Angels” which is a dark Urban Fantasy. I’m in the process of literally my hundreth self-edit. I’d probably be done if I didn’t keep getting distracted by other projects, and kids, and dogs, and life…

    • Excellent on almost being finishing. Is this your first novel? Have you written any others?

      Are you close enough to finishing that you want to put a blurb on here to tell folks what it’s about?

      • My first novel I’ve actually completed. I have plenty of novels that I’ve started and disgarded. Other than that I’ve just written a lot of bad poetry and some short stories. I’d love to put a blurb up, I just need to come up with a good one…coming up with something that catches people’s attention might be harder than writing the actual book.

      • Congratulations on your first novel being so close to being finished. A good blurb can go a long way to selling a book, especially if you go the ebook route. It’s essential to catching a publisher’s eye, too, if that’s the path you’re choosing.

        If you want, we can be your sounding board. You could put up some examples, and we could let you know which one’s best or what really caught our interest in it.

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