One of the biggest challenges (not including editing or finishing) was making the “urban” part of things interesting.  The fantasy, just by it’s name, is fun and engaging, or usually is.  But you don’t want one to overshadow the urban part.

I based this book in my hometown and tried to put as much as I can into it.  The old theater is there where I used to work, North 340, the race track just over the hill (why we couldn’t ever watch t.v. or have a conversation in our living room on a Friday night), and the big purple cow head by the side of the road (I’m not making that up) and more … it’s all in there.

In college, I had to bring in a picture of that cow head because no one believed me that it existed.

You don’t believe me either?  Click HERE for proof.  It’s real.  Honest.


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