Apparently, I LOVE the word “pocket”.  It appears just a little too much in the novel.

Pocket.  Pocket.  Pocket.

So I’m going back and switching things up a little bit.  And then it’s full speed ahead.  This way, I won’t have a ton of editing to do.  From the first novel, I learned that I end up exhausted by the end of the novel.

Do you have any words that you seem to repeat in your writing?  Anything that’s you fall back on when you get stumped?


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      • Hey, I am currently 53K into my first novel. Its a young adult fantasy (hopefully trilogy if the first book doesn’t kill me) semi dystopian type novel. I would say in the hunger games/divergent genre if you want an idea of something similar. But I blog, and also happen to be doing a creative writing course too, so producing a lot of short stories too at the minute. How about you? 🙂

      • Working on my second novel. This one is Southern Urban Fantasy, well, more Appalachian Urban Fantasy. Lots of monsters, magic, a good old-fashioned dash of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

      • oh awesome, did you self publish or go down a publishing house route? yes I just did your quiz, and came out as the Huntsman – no idea if thats good or bad though?!

      • I self published. I don’t regret it, but it’s a tough route.

        Ah, the Huntsman. He is the boogeyman to monsters, but may just hold the key to saving magic itself.

      • I know a lot more now then I did then–about publishing and writing. That’s one reason that it’s taking me longer to get the second book out.

        Which way are you going?

      • Why was it so tough for you? Did you try traditional publishing? I will try to go down the traditional route first I think. Because why not give it a go? I have nothing to lose. and then if it doesn’t work, well lets see what happens. But I am a long way off that yet. I want a finished edited novel by the end of the year, I work full time, have a one year old and a few other things up my sleeve, so progress is slow. I have given myself a year so its realistic. 🙂

      • Some of it was the formatting and I think I put a lot of pressure on myself. I had a lot of trouble uploading drafts and all sorts of things like that.

  1. My characters sob. It’s an emotional story. I am an emotional author. Still, I had to go back and edit out a whole lot of tears, or at least change that word. I don’t know if I used the word “pockets” in my first two novels more than a handful of times.

      • Thank you for asking! I write contemporary fiction, mostly set in southern Appalachia, focusing on issues of equality for women and the LGBTQI Community, acceptance of personal and cultural diversity, and abuse recovery. I have a two book series out now about childhood sexual abuse recovery which takes place in eastern TN and KY. And I am currently writing a third novel about depression and loss which will also focus on racism. You can find them at amazon if this sounds like something you’d like. I know everyone has different preferences.

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