When I was a kid, my father used to often say, “I hate like thunder that …”  I knew that that meant, “I really hate that …”

But thunder was a big deal to me.  As a child, i was often afraid of the loud storms that would roll over August County, where I grew up.  One time, during a particularly bad storm, he took me into his lap and leaned me back against him.

“Don’t worry, honey,” he said.  He tried to explain how thunder was just sound.  But I didn’t get it.  Thunder sounded like something really big and mean.  Then he tried again, “Honey, you hear that awfully loud sound?”

I nodded.

“Well, that’s nothin’ to be afraid of.  It’s just the water wagon rollin’ through heaven.  That old sound, it’s just its big ole wheels turnin’.”

It’s the same story I told each one of my kids when storms have hit here.  And just like then, it works every time.


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