When I was younger, I was heavily influenced by Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Lord Byron, Dean R. Koontz (“Watchers”), and Clive Barker.  “The Haunting of Hill House” was one of my favorite books, along with “A Separate Peace.”

Writers out there … what authors influenced you most?  What’s your favorite book by another author?


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  1. Since you mentioned Poe, I remember how much the “Tell Tale Heart” affected me when I read it as a kid. I could hardly wrap my head around this idea that this man’s guilt and fear could cause him to believe he heard the beating heart of a dead man. It was probably my first lesson in pyschology! To me it was almost more realistic to believe the heart had come back to life and was actually beating. It just blew me away that the mind could be so powerful and create fantasy into reality. I obsessed about that story for a long time.
    “It” by Stephen King really creeped me out. Still to this day I don’t think I’ve ever had a story make me feel that kind of fear. I was young when I read it, maybe 4th grade? I really need to pick up that book again and see if it still has the same affect.
    I also loved Anne Rice’s style of writing. I thought her words were just poetry!

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