I often write about my father, but this time I want to write about my Momma.

Growing up, the basement was always cold.  We had a wood stove on the upper floor of the house, but not on the lower floor.  On winter days when we’d be down in the basement, we’d fire up the kerosene heater to keep things toasty.

When the snow would fall, my mother would pull out her quilting frame that would let her stretch out the quilt so that she could sew on it.  I can remember playing underneath of it, watching her sew.  This is how I first saw the movies “Dr. Zhivago” and “Gone with the Wind.”



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  1. I cannot tell you how much I love the movie “Gone with the Wind.” Usually my choice in movies is fantasy or sci fi or horror, so everyone thinks its odd. But Vivian Leigh was amazing (as was the whole cast) and although it was a romance it didn’t have that expected happy ending. It was real, and the author had this incredible understanding of human nature. I could go on and on…I just loved it. Have you read the book?

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