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Nose to the Grindstone


It always seems easier to give up on a book when you’re near the end.

For me, I visualize the whole book and finishing it.  That helps me push through, that and a Cherry Coke and a piece of cornbread smothered in butter.

Writers out there … what tips do you have?  How do you get the energy to finish that novel?



When I write, the first thing I do is to get the first draft out, from beginning to end.  Then I hopscotch my way through the draft, adding here and there.  And then I edit, starting from the beginning to push through to the end.  If I hit a road block, I fix it and then start at the beginning again.  That helps me with flow and to see how things are fitting together.

My other writer friend, Brooklynn Rivers, edits as she goes along.

How do you edit?  Can you get your thoughts out just the way you like them the first time out of the gate?  Or is the final draft totally different from when you begin?

Slaying the Beast that is Writer’s Block … Before it shows up


Hoping to squeak out some writing.  It’s always seems like when I have no time to write, I have a ton of ideas.  Let’s hope that when I actually find some time to write, I still have those ideas.  Those are perfect times for writer’s block to creep up.  Especially since I won’t be in my normal writing routine and writing times.  What helps me is making actual notes, so I have something already on paper when i actually sit down to write.

How about you?  Do you have a specific time that you write everyday?  When writer’s block rears its ugly head, what do you do?

Three. Two. One. WRITE!


I have a special spot where I always write.  I have my music ready and some Earl Grey Tea in my special Daffy Duck “You’re Despicable” mug.  And then I’m ready to roll.

How do you settle down to write?  Do you have a pattern or something that you always do to tell your brain that it’s time to settle down to write?