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THE BIG 6-5-0!


We had 650 views last month!  That’s more than our 400 view goal!  Thanks for visiting and keep stopping by!



When I was younger, I was heavily influenced by Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Lord Byron, Dean R. Koontz (“Watchers”), and Clive Barker.  “The Haunting of Hill House” was one of my favorite books, along with “A Separate Peace.”

Writers out there … what authors influenced you most?  What’s your favorite book by another author?



Polished one of the finally fights.  How much is too much?  I have a lot of action in the last few sequences.

Is there a point where there’s just too much action?  Have you ever written a sequence where you just have to slow it down?



Just got up.  Saw my eldest off to school.  Ready to write.  Since I’m editing, I’ve pictured the scene I want to edit today and figured out what I want to work on for the next hour or so.  With a clear picture of the scene, I’m ready.

Do you just set down and write?  Or do you make a plan? … like the dreaded outline teachers always made us do in school and we vowed we’d never do again?



Another breakthrough.  I was having a lot of trouble connecting two smaller pieces of action, to have it lead into the climax.  And then last night, things fell into place.  A simple shift made all the difference.

Again, all this happened well after I was supposed to be in bed.  But hey, a breakthrough’s a breakthrough.

A quickie … no, that’s NOT what I’m talking about


May only have a few minutes to write before the kids are up, but I get more done in twenty minutes of focused writing than an hour of staring at the screen.

My sister’s also a writer.  You’ll have to check her novels out–Brooklyn Rivers.  Sometimes we will “tag” write.  We check in at the top of the hour, write for twenty minutes (each on her separate novel) and then take ten minutes just to blow off steam or cheer each other on.  And then we start again, writing twenty minutes and taking a ten minute break.

If I have a ton of time to write, I just think of everything else I could be doing.  But if I think, I’ve only got twenty minutes so I need to make this count, I get a ton more done.



I’m almost done with the novel.  The first three section are where I want them, so I’ve started formatting things for ebooks.

Before you do this, and you’re working in a .doc, make sure that your text is “normal” (this isn’t with the b,i, and u options, but in a small display window).  I copied my text of and transferred it into a .doc (in word).  But sometimes it’ll act a little wonky.  So I had to ctrl-A everything and go to the menu bar in the word doc and choose normal text.  This may get rid of any “bold” text.

Then again, that may just be my computer.  There’s a reason I name all of my labtops after demons.