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I am Bat-Man, sort of


The kids are thrilled about the bats in our attic.  I’ve named them Lucy, Dracul, Mina … well, and a few others from the “Lost Boys”–David, Paul, Dwayne, Marco …

My husband is very much not thrilled about our visitors in the attic.

Me? … I think it’s interesting.  I guess now I’m Batman with my batcave in the attic.  However, the nipples on the bat-suit would DEFINITELY have to go.

Bats in the Belfry


I know people have often thought I have “bats in the belfry”, but now we know that we have them in the attic. Last night, I took the kids out around dusk and watched them fly out. There’s something graceful about seeing a bat slide out of a vent. And then a slightly larger one scrambled out and almost got stuck.