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It’s just one of those days. The illness is really kicking in, so I’m sleeping most of the time. On the verge of finishing the new novel.

Doing some research on Greek myths on Phorcys and Ceto (sea deities of sorts). Getting ready to merge that with a little bit of Appalachian Leeds’ myth.

It is said that a woman, “Mrs. Leeds”, had too many children. And when the thirteenth one was born, she cursed him (yeah, it’s always 13). Instantly, the infant turned into a vicious monster, attacking everyone in the room. The beast is said to have the head of a goat or horse, large leathery wings, hooves, and stands on two legs. Talk about a face that only a mother could love … well, she didn’t think too much of it either.

The thing is said to let out a blood-curdling scream and is a skilled hunter, flying through the night skies. While mostly associated with New Jersey and sometimes referred to as a Jersey Devil, this monster has also been sighted in several other states.

As for how Phocys and Ceto fit in there? … well, you’re just going to have to read the book.