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“Lot’s Mountain” has received its first review and it’s a 5-star rating!

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When I was a kid, my father used to often say, “I hate like thunder that …”  I knew that that meant, “I really hate that …”

But thunder was a big deal to me.  As a child, i was often afraid of the loud storms that would roll over August County, where I grew up.  One time, during a particularly bad storm, he took me into his lap and leaned me back against him.

“Don’t worry, honey,” he said.  He tried to explain how thunder was just sound.  But I didn’t get it.  Thunder sounded like something really big and mean.  Then he tried again, “Honey, you hear that awfully loud sound?”

I nodded.

“Well, that’s nothin’ to be afraid of.  It’s just the water wagon rollin’ through heaven.  That old sound, it’s just its big ole wheels turnin’.”

It’s the same story I told each one of my kids when storms have hit here.  And just like then, it works every time.



I was having trouble last night with the climax of the book.  I posted earlier about maybe having too many action sequences in the very end of the novel.  So, i sat down and wrote it out like an outline.

I needed to see it down on paper and also picture it in my head.  Doing this helped clear up some of the writer’s … well, editor’s block.  And now I’m ready to keep rolling!  Time to finish this novel!



We hear ghost stories as kids and are told of monsters.  The monster I was afraid of when I was little had no name.  I was afraid that if I stretched and had my toes outside of the covers, that a monster would come and eat them.  Weird.  Yeah.  And that you had to pretend to be asleep, or it would come and get you.  At night, we’d sleep with the windows up because we didn’t have air conditioning.  Every little sound would make me jump, thinking that whatever this was was lurking around.

What scared you as a kid?  Was there a specific ghost story or monster that stuck in your mind?



Polished one of the finally fights.  How much is too much?  I have a lot of action in the last few sequences.

Is there a point where there’s just too much action?  Have you ever written a sequence where you just have to slow it down?



Apparently, I LOVE the word “pocket”.  It appears just a little too much in the novel.

Pocket.  Pocket.  Pocket.

So I’m going back and switching things up a little bit.  And then it’s full speed ahead.  This way, I won’t have a ton of editing to do.  From the first novel, I learned that I end up exhausted by the end of the novel.

Do you have any words that you seem to repeat in your writing?  Anything that’s you fall back on when you get stumped?

Time for a Little Consistency


I’m getting a good view of how the book is going to end.  Now, I’m going back and fixing the consistency errors that I found through-out.  A person that has red hair, really does need to keep red hair for the entire novel.

Unless banshees really like to dye their hair …

16 pages left!


Woke up thinking about the novel.  Went to bed thinking about it.  Now, though, I know how to fix some of the things that were slightly off before.  Sleeping on it can make all the difference.

The main characters are charging forward, but there’s something waiting for them, more than they were expecting.



When I first started writing, I thought I’d start at point A and write directly to point B and then skip right on to point C.  And that was it.  That there was a set formula.  You followed the writing process how-to, you tell your story, and then off to the publisher.

Well.  Um.  No.

Before heading on to the end, I reread the beginning to make sure that the flow is going well and that I wasn’t being repetitive.  So now, I’ve gotta a clearer picture of how to bring all this together.   Now I’ve got ideas exploding in my head like a firecracker.  This thing might just work.