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Looking studious and ready to roll on the Revenant book. Revenants … how much do you know about those that return?

Lot’s Mountain … in Print!


I’ve got the print proof of the novel in my hot little hands … going to check it out and then it’ll be available on Amazon! Feeling all writer-ish today. Until I realize that the kids are being really quiet … I’ll be right back–

Lulu or Createspace …looks like a job for THUNDERDOME!


Two print companies enter …

For my last book, I did lose Lulu.  Some of the complaints reader had was the 6 by 9 size.  For the author, it’s a useful size … a biggier size means less pages and that means author costs are lower.  However, readers were put off by the blaringly different size.  It’s also this red flag of INDIE WRITER!!!!  Unfortunately, some people think Indie writer means awful writer.  Not so.  But, we have to do what we can to blend in and show that we can compete.

This time, I’m taking the Createspace path.  And yeah, it’s not an easy one.  Half the time, I have no idea what I’m doing with the formatting or why the document is doing what it’s doing … But it really has low costs, even with a better size book (one that readers are friendlier toward–5.5 x 8.5).  This morning, I finally figured out how to get my internal metadata figured out (yeah, I’m technologically challenged).

On to the cover!  Say a prayer for me.



All right … the book is published.  You took that leap off the cliff … so what now?  Yeah, your friends have bought copies, but how are you getting the word out there so that people that don’t know you will pick up copies?



Sorry for the hiatus … AGAIN!  The illness has been bad lately and the doctors have put me on an exercise routine.

And that means I’m sleeping a lot more during the day and night.  Here’s hoping I don’t fall asleep on my keyboarddddddddddddddddddd.



Merle Shiflett loves pick-axes.   He has a special one that he sanded down so that his hands fit perfectly around the middle. He loves to stare at their handles and let his fingers trace down where they are thick at the top and then slope inward like a woman’s calf. When he wraps his fingers around his favorite pick-ax, Merle is always reminded just how magical and wonderful the world can be.

Merle Shiflett loves it when the doorbell rings.  Because that means visitors.  And Merle Shiflett loves visitors, too.

Especially when he knows they’ll be staying forever.

… time for a little reflection …


My daughters decided to teach my six-year-old to meditate.

From the side room, I heard “Ohm! Ohm! Ohm!”

I don’t think the six-year-old quite got it.  Because I also heard, “Gnome! Gnome! Gnome!”

THE ALPHA AND OMEGA … and a little in the middle


A question to all writers and readers out there … The middle of the novel is important.  It gives background and fleshes out the story.

But middles aside … which do you spend more time on, figuring out the beginning sentence or the last one?