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Having a little Trouble this morning, well, afternoon …


My illness is really flaring up.  I’m able to somewhat write, but speaking is rough and my hands are getting all tingly.  Not a good match for a writer.

But, I’m hanging in there and getting ready to keep working on the final fight.

POTS syndrome is tough.  It’s not as fun as it sounds.  It’s a circulatory issue.  Lots of dizziness and Fibromyalgia thrown in the mix doesn’t help, but my feet and hands do turn a lovely shade of purple.

I’m gonna keep going.  Time for the hero to step up and take on a crazy preacher … and giant black dogs from myth and legend and … well, lots of monsters.

The Hunt is ON!



What monster from the novel Lott’s Mountain are you? Are you the loyal will ‘o’ the wisp? A pishacha trickster? Or something totally different?

Check it out to find out what monster you are.



I’m still hoping that I’ll have Lott’s Mountain out by this Halloween.  Wish me luck.