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Lot’s Mountain Gets Another 5-Star Review!


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Have you found the magic of “Lot’s Mountain” yet?

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Lot’s Mountain … Come on in and stay for a spell.

16 pages left!


Woke up thinking about the novel.  Went to bed thinking about it.  Now, though, I know how to fix some of the things that were slightly off before.  Sleeping on it can make all the difference.

The main characters are charging forward, but there’s something waiting for them, more than they were expecting.



After I finish “Lott’s Mountain”, I’m thinking of revisiting my first novel, so I can strengthen the world and add a bit more.  I’m thinking about increasing it by a few hundred pages.  While not a Southern novel, it was the first time I delved into fantasy.  I started off that one thinking I was writing a horror novel.  I want to go back and add more of the lore and research that I did.

—From The Sacred Book of Returning

I have looked into the darkness of the First of us and so do I now record our truths here, beyond the Forgotten Time and beyond the not-us.

We live in the place called Returning. We are those called revenants for we are those that go into darkness to make it part of us. When we pass from Younger to Older, we enter the forest of Eden where the darkness still dwells like a living thing. Then do we return unless the darkness claims us. This is what we are.

But there is one that will live among us that will be called Exile. He is one who shall speak through the forbidden things called mirrors, and he will learn of those that wait in the darkness. He will awaken the hunters that now sleep. So shall he wander and seek the hungry dark. So shall all that we know then end.



One of the biggest challenges (not including editing or finishing) was making the “urban” part of things interesting.  The fantasy, just by it’s name, is fun and engaging, or usually is.  But you don’t want one to overshadow the urban part.

I based this book in my hometown and tried to put as much as I can into it.  The old theater is there where I used to work, North 340, the race track just over the hill (why we couldn’t ever watch t.v. or have a conversation in our living room on a Friday night), and the big purple cow head by the side of the road (I’m not making that up) and more … it’s all in there.

In college, I had to bring in a picture of that cow head because no one believed me that it existed.

You don’t believe me either?  Click HERE for proof.  It’s real.  Honest.

Fun Southern Sayings


Most dads would just say, “He made me really mad.”

Mine has a lot more style and sometimes pulls out one of my favorite Southern phrases, “He made me so mad that I wanted to smack him in the face with a wet squirrel.”

I just keep thinking of Dug the dog from the movie “UP”.  SQUIRREL!




Since I’m working on the end of the novel, I figured I’d pick up a few books and reread their endings:

The House with the Clock in its Walls by John Bellairs

The Light at the End by John Skipp and Craig Spector

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley

The Stand by Stephen King

The Thief of Always by Clive Barker

The Princess Bride by William Goldman



Shy or not, no character can resist this playlist to get out of this kiss:

I Can’t Help Falling in Love by Lick the Tins

Stand by Me by Ben E. King

With or Without You by U2

Only You by Yazoo