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Movies and Ghosts


Growing up just outside of Waynesboro in a little town called Dooms (yeah, that’s right, as in Doomsday), I worked in an old theater that was supposedly haunted. A friend of mine, Buzzy, worked there with me. I sold tickets and together we would change the old marquis sign outside. That was back before LED screens. We’d have to lean out over a ledge with a special pole and pull the letters up. I’ll never forget the time that I dropped the letter E (it was a huge letter, too) off the roof, and it almost hit our boss’ car. Yes, this firing brought to you by the letter “E”.

One night Buzzy and I found an old room behind the screen. Before that, no one knew it was there. Inside were old movie posters and keepsakes.

But the thing about the theater was the ghosts. Doors would close by themselves. The lights in the projector room would flip on and off. I’m told that a few times a mysterious lady would sit down by customers and then disappear. We named her Lydia.

I’m told the spirits are calm now. Maybe there was nothing to it. Maybe those stories were just old stories. But being in that theater alone after everyone had gone home, (with my trusty leaf-blower to blast all the popcorn to the front of the theater where I could sweep it up), you could feel that someone was watching you. And then the room would suddenly go icy cold. A few times, I heard someone calling to me, even when I was alone. Every once in a while, you could feel cold fingers slip down inside your collar.

I guess even the dead enjoy a good movie every once in a while.

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