Monthly Archives: July 2014

Templars … WHAT?


One of my hobbies is watching B-movies … well, some go to C, D, And well, Z.

Fastfowarded my way through “Night of the seagulls”. There aren’t any sea gulls … just undead Templars. Might have to watch it again. There are sacrifices, damsels in distress, zombies on horseback … but no sea gulls.

I don’t trust Templar movies. Not after that “New Barbarians Incident.”

Patrick who?


Finished watching the movie “Patrick” yesterday.  I REALLY wanted to like this movie.  I reminded me of the old British horror movies I used to watch.  The music was overly dramatic and the plot just never seemed to advance.  Also, the big reveal seemed to pale in comparison to the earlier reveal that we have a telekinetic coma patient that can overtake minds.

The art of beating your head against the wall, … I mean, writing…


Staring at the next chapter to polish and am feeling pretty tired.  It’s been a long day and my illness is really acting up today.  But, I have my Daffy Duck mug and a full charge on my computer … and each page I edit is a page I don’t have to do tomorrow.

And when I really get down, I keep Robin Williams singing a Bruce Springsteen song as Elmer Fudd on near-infinite loop.  Thank you, youtube!






Read some articles on a monster in folklore called the “rake”. Not sure if I can work this into the novel or not. Something about it just really clicks, but I’m not sure what I’ll do it with.

Some say that rakes are related to “the Slender Man”. Maybe I’ll use it in something else. It’s a human-looking thing with long claws that viciously attacks victims and leaves them with mental scars.

Was able to polish two more chapters. Almost done.

Finished watching “Sinister”


I’m a huge horror buff. Most of earlier attempts at novels were in the horror genre. Now, I like to blend genres. Anyway, enjoyed the movie. I did guess most of it within the first ten minutes, but still like it.

Nothing is a good replacement for an excellent creepy kid. But the creepiest kid ever in a movie? Those twins from the Shining (with Jack Nicholson) were nice and creepy.

For something fun, check out “Horror Movie Daycare”. I stumbled across that one. Horror movie buffs should definitely get a charge out of it. Gave me flashbacks to my daycare teacher days.